February 23, 2012

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Art Festival, My favourite

November 29, 2009

Towers of Drawers

1. ‘Towers of Drawers’ , Jonathan Ben Tovim(UK)
2-32. Artefacts, Sia Joo Hiang(Singapore)

A rectangular drawer which contain every lil’ longing of someone.

Spring  coils are attached to the back each drawer to push each drawer out. I interpreted that as unwillingness. They do not wish to return to their individual dark drawer. Instead, they long for freedom and release.

Or, to never be forgotten.

(One drawer, a motivating item and an emotional message)

“I wish that I was alive” (Michael Jackson)

Simple, yet very expressive.


November 1, 2009

Feel more, Judge Less .

IMG_0114Signs which gives indications to customers

IMG_0112An image of students shopping for food

IMG_0108 A lady choosing bedsheets through design and the comparison of price.

What are your methods?

  • Fly on the wall
  • Character Profiles
  • Behavioral Mapping

What did you see?

Fly on the wall :

  • Consumers look at the pricing of items.
  • They go for things that are on “Special Deals”
  • They feel/look at the quality

Character Profiles:

  • Housewife
  • Maids
  • Working Adults
  • Students
  • Retired Elderly

Behavioral Mapping:

  • From the entrance to the other end of the entrance
  • Dry items to wet items
  • Most important items to the least importance
  • Aimlessly strolling until items draw their attention

Express Lanes:

  • Allows Single Basket
  • Longer queue than the normal lanes
  • Some consumers have items overflowing their basket

Normal Lanes:

  • Allows both trolleys and basket
  • We see more trolleys compared to baskets
  • Trolleys are hardly filled with items for some

What did you learn?

Fly on the Wall :

  • Consumers are picky, they like “Special Deals” items.
  • They look at the pricing rather than the branding of items.
  • They wouldn’t mind paying for good quality.

Character Profiles:

  • Housewife, usually shop alone and they do not carry any shopping list. They can be seen getting items from the most important to the least. Time is not of their essence.
  • Maids can be seen shopping with their employees.
    For those shopping alone, they carry a shopping list and checked whatever items that they have got. They are always on look out for time.
  • Working Adults can be seen shopping with their kids, or family. They go in big groups whereby one will stay at the trolley while others scatter to get the items.
    Students go in herds, price is more of an importance to them. They carry a shopping list because they have a budget to keep to.
  • Retired Elderly, can be seen carrying baskets. Usually alone.

Behavioral Mapping:

  • Depends on every individual. Some prefer to follow the layout of the place, while some prefer to narrow down to the items that is the most important.

What did it mean – your insights?

  • Every consumers have a different way of shopping regardless of housewife, working adults, families, or retired elderly. Every consumers seem to have a certain budget in mind, keeping a lookout to items which are a need or a want. Nevertheless, they try to limit their items.Some consumers buy in bulk to last them for over a period of time, while others keep it small. This could be due to the fact that they live near as we can see some consumers bringing their own trolley. Items that are on “Special Deals” are more appealing than the others.


Conclusion of methods used

Interaction Design catogory test!

IMM week 12

July 13, 2009

What is a multimedia CD-ROM title?

CD-ROM title is the first page you’d view after inserting the CD which is most likely the name of the programme or installation etc.

The word multimedia might be something where music can be included or even specially coded videos. Most multimedia titles are optimised for doublt or, at best, quad-speed drives.

What are some application of CD-ROM title design? Eg. Educational. Bring examples, if any.

Pulling off large images from a PhotoCD would be a perfect application for a faster CD-ROM drive. However, it decompresses images as they’re read off the disc which results in a performance ceiling of quad-speed.

Another ideal application for high sustained data transfer is high-quality digital video, recorded at a suitably high rate.

You can find examples of available cd rom titles at HIBRI Computer services. It is a place where you can get all kinds of original CD ROM titles

Examples of CD ROM titles
– Microsoft Windows 98 English Full
– Microsoft Windows 98 English upg
– Microsoft Windows 98 Arabic Full

What are the differences between website design and CD-ROM title design?

CD-ROM title design
1. Bigger storage compared to website design
2. Allow more Information or Data or bigger file size
3. Fast loading time since it’s within a CD
3. Requires a longer loading time (According to the file size)

Webside Design
1.Limited size
2. Constrict to its images or videos as space is limited